Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Visit "Vadda People" in Sri Lanka

"Vadda" people are a group of people in Sri Lanaka who lived in jungles, fulfilling their needs by hunting and farming. They still protect most of their interesting culture. In their village, you may find many of them, wearing the same dress they used to wear in those days. The "Keteriaya" a cutting weapon they always carry signifies their identity.

Nowadays most of the vadda people have got used to modern type of living, but still there are some who vaddas who continue to protect their culture to show to the world.

The leader of the Vadda people, Wanniyala Aththo is an expert in Ayuruvedic mdicine. He uses herbal medicine, which his ancestors used to cure diseases. He lives in his house in the village. Anybody who visit there is welcomed with pleasure. Anyone can visit him and talk to him about their group, medicine, etc.

The children in their village loves to sign to their visitors. They will please you with their traditional songs written about the animals, the life in jungle, etc.

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